Joel Rosales
Joel Rosales
A study in art, history, and demolition.

Joel Rosales

A study in art, history, and demolition.

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About Me

I'm a Las Vegas native preserving our history one photograph at a time.

Las Vegas has such unique and tangible history. Being just over a century old, there are still places and pieces of our beginnings as a small railroad town we can see and be a part of today.

I've chosen to use both a beautifully hand crafted glass lens and a generic plastic lens to capture the beauty found in these places before manhattanization and greed have destroyed them forever.

Many of my images can never be recreated which is both satisfying and sad, as it is a result of demolition and loss of history. Learn...and Enjoy.



Photo Contest - Big Springs Gallery - Springs Preserve - Las Vegas, NV - 2011 - Award Winner

DECADE - Historic Fifth Street School
Gallery, Las Vegas, NV - 2011

Crossing Lines - Gallery 1 - Long Beach,
CA - 2009

Demolishing Vegas - Requiem Studios, Las
Vegas, NV - 2008


Las Vegas Citizen of Distinction 2007
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